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Who We Are

Corruption Reporter is more than just a website; it’s a movement. We are a development journalism platform dedicated to exposing corruption, educating the public, and mobilizing citizens to demand change.

Born out of a passion for good governance, Corruption Reporter was founded by Corruption Reporter Communication LTD with a clear mission: to combat the harmful effects of corruption on the quality of public goods and services that citizens receive.

We believe that informed and engaged citizens are the most powerful force against corruption. That’s why we investigate, inform, and empower:

Investigate: We uncover and expose stories of corruption, from petty bribery to grand scandals.
Inform: We provide clear, accessible, and impactful reporting that educates the public about the different forms and consequences of corruption.

Empower: We equip citizens with the knowledge and tools they need to hold their leaders accountable and demand better.

We are not just journalists; we are advocates. We work hand-in-hand with communities, NGOs, and other stakeholders to turn awareness into action. We believe that together, we can build a future free from corruption and where everyone has access to the quality of life they deserve.

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This is more than just our mission; it’s our promise.